Mario Kart Tour: Tips for Get Fast Coins

Coins are considered a single currency in Mario Kart Tour. With them you can unlock characters or parts of the vehicle in the shop during daily offers. In the following text, we’ll tell you what’s up with the coin rush and how you quickly get to other coins.

There are many methods available to collect coins. Below we list some options:

First, there is the login bonus. To do this, simply log in to the game daily to get a bonus. Among other things, coins can be included here. There is also the so-called coin rush mode. There you will quickly receive many coins.
Here you drive as a golden Mario over a stretch that is full of coins. Gold Mario has a special attraction to the coins, so you attract them from a distance. You will also find red and blue coins on the racetrack, each worth more than the golden ones. They are often in the middle of the course. Good driving behavior is rewarded.

To start the coin rush, you have to click on the plus symbol in the main screen. However, each time you have to pay for new gems, which are considered as additional currency in the game. The more gems you invest, the higher your multiplier will be in the mode. Below are the different multipliers in the overview:

5 rubies = 2x the collected coins
15 rubies = 6x the collected coins
25 rubies = 10x the coins collected

You can also collect coins while driving on the tracks. However, there is a catch here: you can only collect 300 coins a day on this way. If you want to reach the daily limit as fast as possible, you should choose especially easy and short routes. By the way, downed opponents also let coins fall. However, this also applies to you. Therefore always keep a defensive item in the hindquarters.
The easiest and fastest way is to use our Mario Kart Tour Coin Generator. There you can generate unlimited coins. You can click on the button to go directly to the generator.

Is it illegal to use the Mario Kart Tour Hack?

Many players wonder if it is legal to use the Mario Kart Tour Hack. Many skeptics argue that you can be banished in the game or, now it comes: that you will be punished in any other way. Sirens! What’s wrong with this rumor? We clarify!

Is the Mario Kart Tour Coin Generator really not legal?

It is an in-game currency. This is not a real value, so using cheats or hacks to get that in-game currency will not hurt anyone. A small example: You buy Mario Kart Tour Gems for real money. Where do these gems come from? They are simply created out of nothing. It’s a computer code, nothing more. In other words, they are completely worthless. The only value is that you can use them on Mario Kart Tour to buy figures and the like. In short: No, it’s not illegal. It has never been illegal and it will never be illegal.

Nintendo only wants to take your money!

By being interested in your money, Nintendo will never admit that these hacks are legal. They will say that such hacks are not allowed to buy at the Mario Kart Tour Shop for a lot of money. It does not have to be that if you use the Mario Kart Tour Hack and can generate unlimited gems and coins without spending a dollar. Also, no one will know that you used the Mario Kart Tour Generator because our servers are secure and do not store any data about you. So you can generate as many Gems and Coins as you like with a clear conscience. This also applies to the NBA Live Mobile Hack for Android and iOS, where you can also generate an unlimited number of coins. This works on all mobile devices. Try it by yourself!


On which devices does the Mario Kart Tour Generator work?

If it’s your first time using a Mario Kart Tour Generator, you’ll surely wonder if it works for you as well. After all, every day hundreds of thousands of players generate free coins and gems on their devices. Today we want to put some light in the dark.


On which devices does the Mario Kart Tour Generator work everywhere?

This question is very easy to answer, because the Mario Kart Tour Gem Generator really works everywhere. It does not matter if you are playing on an iOS or Android smartphone. So it does not matter if you play on an iPhone, Samsung or other mobile phone. The cheat works on all devices. Genauso funktioniert der Call of Duty Mobile Hack auf allen Geräten. The Mario Kart Tour cheat will generate you unlimited Gems and Coins. You do not need to worry about getting banned the Generator is secure and nobody will know that you used the hack.

mario kart tour generator image

For years it works perfectly

The Mario Kart Tour coin generator is really no longer a phenomenon. For several years there are hacks. The more ridiculous it is that every year the same rumors come up: “The hack does not work”, “You’re banned”, “You steal your coins and players !! 11” – the same thing every year. But hack users know that the truth is very different. It’s a fact that every user of the Mario Kart Tour hack will get the coins and gems in just minutes. No one has ever had an issue with a spell. Nobody ever lost coins or anything. In conclusion, it can only be said that you should try it yourself before you blindly trust anyone. Many of these rumors are in fact scattered by Nintendo to discredit the hack. They want to prevent more players from using a hack.

Mario Kart Tour Hack for Android and iOS

Shortly after the release of Mario Kart Tour it is possible to use cheats for Android and iOS devices.
With our Mario Kart Tour hack you can get unlimited Gems and Coins in a few minutes.

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Why should you use a hack for Mario Kart Tour?

It’s one of the newest and best mobile games from Nintendo, but for many players it’s already extremely annoying. If you do not have enough gems and coins in the game, you will have some disadvantages and your urge for the in-game currency will keep growing. It will mean that you want to spend your real money on Gems and Coins. But that’s not necessary, with our Mario Kart Tour Hacks and Cheats. These work on every iOS and Android smartphone. All you need is an internet connection. Players from all over the world are already using our generator and have been able to get thousands of Gems and Coins in their account. If you are squandering real money, some other players have already realized that it is not necessary to spend their real money, as you really do
can hack every mobile game. Incidentally, this also applies to the very popular Coin Master and NBA Live Mobile.

What makes the Mario Kart Tour Hack so special?

What makes our hack so special Mario Kart Tour is how easy it is to use. Far and wide, there is currently a simpler tool to get Gems. The ease of use is characterized by the fact that it works completely online. You do not need to download a file or anything like that. So for you, there is absolutely no risk that you could get a virus or something similar. The Mario Kart Tour Hack just needs a stable internet connection and you’re ready to go. You can access it from anywhere. Just open our website and look for the Mario Kart Tour Hack. No matter if you use your PC, smartphone or tablet. Our hack tool really works everywhere.

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How exactly does the Mario Kart Tour Generator work?

First of all, you should know that nobody will hack your Nintendo account. It also does not matter if you’re on iOS or Android. The Mario Kart Tour Hack works the same everywhere. We have absolutely no access to your account and can’t do so, because at no time do we ask for your email or password. What we do is much simpler and more logical: our Mario Kart Tour Online Generator goes into the database of the game and easily changes some values. That’s it already.

Do I have to enter my password or e-mail address somewhere?

No, and no one will ever ask for your password or any secret information. Our goal is not to hack your Mario Kart Tour Nintendo account, but to equip you with unlimited Gems and Coins and other items. Every single day we have hundreds of users and we have never received any complaints that Gems and Coins are missing or something similar. NextTopGamer is characterized by being a community and helping each other.

What is Mario Kart Tour about?

Mario Kart Tour is almost the mobile version of the classic “Mario Kart”. If you do not know the game yet, you can drop by Wikipedia.
There is the following about Mario Kart:
“Mario Kart is the name of a popular video game series by the Japanese company Nintendo, where the players with the fictional characters from the Super Mario games car racing (originally with go-karts). It started on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) gaming console and was released on the Nintendo 64, the Game Boy Advance, the Gamecube, the Nintendo DS, the Wii, continued the Nintendo 3DS, the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch. The Mario Kart games belong to the genre of fun racers and are playable individually as well as in multiplayer and online mode. The Mario Kart brand has sold over 100 million units so far, making it one of the most successful racing games ever. ” Now, the developers of Nintendo have decided to bring the game finally on the smartphone and tablet. A cause for joy for all fans? Only partially, because there are also microtransactions in the game. The premium currency is “Gems”. With these you can then buy the second currency “coins” and unlock some game modes. You will also be able to unlock other drivers or characters.