Mario Kart Tour: Tips for Get Fast Coins

Coins are considered a single currency in Mario Kart Tour. With them you can unlock characters or parts of the vehicle in the shop during daily offers. In the following text, we’ll tell you what’s up with the coin rush and how you quickly get to other coins.

There are many methods available to collect coins. Below we list some options:

First, there is the login bonus. To do this, simply log in to the game daily to get a bonus. Among other things, coins can be included here. There is also the so-called coin rush mode. There you will quickly receive many coins.
Here you drive as a golden Mario over a stretch that is full of coins. Gold Mario has a special attraction to the coins, so you attract them from a distance. You will also find red and blue coins on the racetrack, each worth more than the golden ones. They are often in the middle of the course. Good driving behavior is rewarded.

To start the coin rush, you have to click on the plus symbol in the main screen. However, each time you have to pay for new gems, which are considered as additional currency in the game. The more gems you invest, the higher your multiplier will be in the mode. Below are the different multipliers in the overview:

5 rubies = 2x the collected coins
15 rubies = 6x the collected coins
25 rubies = 10x the coins collected

You can also collect coins while driving on the tracks. However, there is a catch here: you can only collect 300 coins a day on this way. If you want to reach the daily limit as fast as possible, you should choose especially easy and short routes. By the way, downed opponents also let coins fall. However, this also applies to you. Therefore always keep a defensive item in the hindquarters.
The easiest and fastest way is to use our Mario Kart Tour Coin Generator. There you can generate unlimited coins. You can click on the button to go directly to the generator.

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